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Breach. The game.

Breach, developed by Atomic Games, is a new representative of the already swarming First Person Shooter market.
In this game the player takes the roles of a CIA special agent with specialization in one of the four classes available on the battlefield, most of which are standard FPS from the run and gun. The player is given a selection of guns and tools to choose from, though the options of models to represent the player in the game are not very many. After selection of all these items players can enter the game, where further on they are offered the choice of different battle options: either by taking cover (using the various objects indicated in the 4 available maps) or in first person mode.

These covers are very easy and convenient to snap to – with just one press of a button – and escape the danger of being killed. Moving away from this cover, nevertheless, is strangely done by moving backwards instead of an easier way of pressing the same cover button for a second time.
Apart from the traditional modes of team deathmatch, standard free for all deathmatch, and control, the point Breach has one new addition as well – and so far the most entertaining - that of the convoy mode. In this mode one team of players attacks a moving truck aiming to destroy it, while the other team defends the truck all the while until it reaches the destination.

The bursts effects as per gun models in Breach are pretty well-done and detailed, expressed through graphics that range from mediocre to impressive. Though having limited number of available models, players’ avatars are quite detailed with tactical vests and light reflecting helmets. Yet, the sound design of the game is pretty poor: without any background music and with only a few samples for each of the weapons in the game – supposedly intended at increasing of the realism level created by the game, but this fact rather makes the game look unfinished.


Overall, Breach, though having a few interesting modes (such as the convoy one), is not the game that has come to revolutionize the FPS genre, as it has a number of drawbacks, such as  confusing cover mechanic, absence of background music and some others. That is why prior to considering its purchase it is recommended to try the game by its 30 minute trial to decide on one’s own if this game is worthy being spent points at.